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Toddlers (15 months - 3 years)

Nursery Rhyme classes are an extension of the Baby classes, and are structured to prepare the child for entry into the main swimming programme.

The aim therefore is to develop swimming skills and water safety awareness, and to encourage independence in the water, to the point that the child no longer needs a parent in the pool. These classes are a fun time for child and parent. Through the enjoyment of the water and the class, they build a child’s co-operation with the teacher.

The main aim is to extend the length of time a child can stay submerged with or without an independent float. There is a focus on developing independent propulsion by kicking and hand movement. As a child grows older, the lung capacity increases, along with their understanding of breath control.

The parent should be guided by the teacher, who has the experience to recognise suitable progression for the child. The teacher, likewise, is guided by the parent, as to how they wish certain behaviour traits to be handled. At no time are children forced, but rather encouraged to do an activity. We teach through positive praise and practice.

Toddler Learn to Swim Programme
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The emphasis in Nursery Rhyme classes is developing enjoyment and confidence in the water. 

By the end of this level, they should be competent in:

  • Safely entering the pool
  • Submersion and floating
  • Reaching and finishing
  • Kicking
  • Back floating
  • Turning and reaching
  • Underwater work
  • Arm pull and pop-up breath

Ideally, children in these classes will have spent some time in the Baby class, and the initial steps will have been achieved. But children may still enter at this level.

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